Garden Care:

We carry a large selection of Bonide products including, weed killer, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides in both organic and synthetic varieties. We also carry Bonide’s barn and stable and rodent control products.

We’re proud to carry Bonide because the wide variety of effective products they supply – at an affordable price.

In addition, we feature an in-store lab from Bonide that will help to diagnose any problems you may have during the planting season. Bring in your sample, whether it’s a bug (bagged please) or a leaf, etc., and we’ll help identify the issue and recommend a solution.

Beyond Bonide products we also carry Sevin, Roundup, Dr. Earth, and Spectracide.


Soils, Manures and Mulches:



We carry a large variety of bagged mulches including Cedar, Pine, Dark, Hemlock, Red, Pine Nuggets and Coco Shells.


Jolly Gardener Products:

Just Natural Organic Potting Mix- 1cu bags

Just Natural Organic Garden Mix- 1.5cu bags

Premium Moisture Mate Potting Mix – 1cu bags

Premium Potting Mix – 2cu & 1cu bags

Premium Garden Soil – 2cu & 1 cu bags

Basic Potting Soil – 40lb bags

Top Soil – 40lb bags

Composted Cow Manure – 40lb bags

Dehydrated Cow Manure – 40lb bags


Moo Doo:

Moo Doo Organic Composted Cow Manure – 34qt bags

Moo Dirt Organic Top Soil – 40lb bags


Fox Farm:

Happy Frog Ocean Forest Potting Mix – 1.5cu bags

Happy Frog Potting Mix – 2cu bags


Coast of Maine:


Bar Harbor Potting Soil – 16qt, 1cu & 2cu bags

Castine Blend Raised Bed Mix – 2cu bags

Cobscook Blend Garden Soil – 1cu and 2 cu bags

Penobscot Blend Planting Mix – 1cu bags

Planting Soil for Acid-Loving Plants – 1cu bags

Planting Soil for Roses & Flowers – 1cu bags

Planting Soil for Tomatoes & Vegetables – 1cu bags

Quoddy Blend Lobster Compost – 1cu bags

Schoodic Blend Composted Cow Manure – 1cu bags

Sprout Island Seed Starter – 8qt, 16qt & 2cu bags

Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix – 2cu bags

Wiscasset Blend Worm Castings – 8qt bag








Grass Seed:

We carry a broad line of Blue Seal grass seed for every yard type and situation. All of our Blue Seal seed is mixed in Bow, NH.  All seed mixes are available in 5lb, 25lb, and 50lb bags. We also carry Pasture and Hay seed mixes in 50lb bags

Sun Mixes include: Classic, Play Area, EZ-Green, Early Green, Tri-Luxe Rye Mix,  Rockingham Conservation(VT Conservation)

Shade/Sun Mixes include: Evergreen

Shade Mixes include: Shady


North Country Organics:

Pro Grow  5-3-4 – 50lb bags

Pro Start  2-3-3 – 50lb bags

Pro Holly  4-6-4 – 50lb bags


Blue Seal Safe ‘N Simple Fertilizer:

Safe ‘N Simple Pre-Emergence Weed Control – 50 lb bags

Safe ‘N Simple Lawn Food  – 50 lb bags

Safe ‘N Simple Farm, Field & Pasture Food – 50 lb bags


Espoma Fertilizer:

Dried Blood – 3.5lb and 17lb

Cottonseed Meal – 4lb

Green Sand – 7.5lb and 36lb

Iron Tone – 4lb

Holly Tone – 4lb, 18lb and 36lb

Bone Meal – 4lb and 24lb

Bulb Tone – 4lb and 24lb

Berry Tone – 4lb

Garden Tone – 4lb

Plant Tone – 4lb

Rose Tone – 4lb

Tree Tone – 36lb


Green Mountain Fertilizer:

All Available in 50 lb. Bags









0-0-60 (POTASH)


46-0-0 (UREA)

0-0-22 (SUL-PO-MAG)