Triple Crown Feed

We have access to the complete line of feeds and would be happy to carry one that you may like to feed. Please call on availability of product.

Triple Crown Senior Horse Feed Formula

A textured feed designed for the special nutritional needs of older horses.

Developed specifically for older horses, this formula features a higher nutrient content to compensate for a less than effective digestive system. A higher fat content provides the extra energy older horses need. Plus, it is softer, more easily digested and can be mixed with water to form a mash for horses who experience difficulty chewing and swallowing. Has enough bulk fiber to be used as the sole ration for horses unable to eat hay or pasture. It can also be used with good quality hay.  Triple Crown Senior feed has a low nonstructural carbohydrate level making it a great option for horses with metabolic issues such as Cushings.

Net Wt. 50 LBS (22.7 kg)

Triple Crown Lite

Pelleted Horse Feed & Superior Equine Supplement

A pelleted concentrate balancing the nutritional requirements of forage-only diets.

Triple Crown Lite is ideal for “easy keepers” – horses that maintain their weight on very little grain or just on grass and hay. Normally, a horse would have to eat five to six pounds of grain to derive a sufficient amount and a proper balance of vitamins and minerals. This is especially true of growing horses, broodmares, stallions and working horses. Triple Crown Lite is so heavily fortified, you can feed a horse as few as two pounds per day. This formula is also ideal for ponies and miniature horses.

Net Wt. 50 LBS (22.7 kg)

Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer

Update: Triple Crown 30% Supplement has a NEW Look and NEW name, still the same formula.

A pelleted vitamin and mineral supplement ideal when feeding below recommended rate of feed or for balancing hay and/or pasture.

30% Ration Balancer is designed to provide the right amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in Triple Crown Nutrition’s EquiMix.  The amount of calories is minimal, but the concentration of other nutrients is high.  We recommend this feed for insulin resistant horses as well as any horse requiring a vitamin supplement in addition to their current feed.  Great for  growing horses and broodmares as well as those performance horses who need quality protein.

Net Wt. 50 LBS (22.7 kg)

Triple Crown Safe Starch® Forage

Specially selected for low NSC levels and the product is molasses and grain free.

When trying to create a balanced ration for their horse with as low an NSC% as possible many horse owners are stymied when it comes to the hay portion of the diet. A number of factors make it difficult and often impossible to determine the actual NSC value of their horse’s diet:

1. They only get hay in small batches – so even if the hay is tested, by the time they have the results the hay has changed and so has the NSC%.
2. They get the hay tested and it comes back high in NSC but it is their only supply option.
3. They board so they have no control over the hay source their horse receives.

Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage supplies the horse with its’ entire diet – forage as well as vitamins and minerals. The product is 6% fat and contains the EquiMix technology found in all Triple Crown feeds. The grass hay used in Triple Crown Safe Starch is specially selected for low NSC levels and the product is molasses and grain free.